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We support smart solutions

Česká spořitelna supports a variety of projects and innovative ideas in the field of environment. We focus on energy savings, the Internet of things, and recycling. Click here [new window] for our specialised programmes.

We are very pleased with the large of number of smart projects presented by students and young people in competitions and accelerators [new window] which we support. They include Sharygator [new window], Forewear [new window], Zdrojovna [new window] and Bez obalu… [new window]

This year, we will launch the Smart City programme. The introduction of smart technologies in the urban life eases the environmental burden. For example, more efficient municipal waste collection or mobile applications that monitor the capacity of parking lots can greatly improve urban planning in cities, reduce traffic and contribute to the overall improvement of air in cities.

We lower energy consumption

In the Reducing Energy Consumption Programme, branches as well as head office buildings are regularly updated about their energy consumption (water, heat, gas and electricity). We also lower energy consumption by replacing computers with terminals in the branch network and elsewhere, if possible.

In most cases, energy is supplied by Erste Energy Services and comes from renewable sources (solar energy, biomass).

We also follow our carbon footprint, broken down to mobility, paper consumption and energy consumption.

Beyond waste sorting

Waste production is currently perceived as the largest global environmental threat. According to surveys, for Czechs waste sorting is the least they can do for environmental protection. For those who decide how waste is processed further, i.e. in particular for firms and municipalities, our bank has an innovative solution in the specialised programme TOP Waste Management [new window].

In Spořitelna, we consistently advocate waste sorting in all buildings of the head office and at most branches if technically possible (i.e. if sorted waste can be collected). Since 2013, the bank has used recycled paper only. In the paperless bank project launched in November 2014, we are gradually moving client documentation and the related administrative tasks from the branch network to the newly created central registry in Hradec Králové. With the eSpis application, we can follow document flow from creation to shredding, and the documentation is available from any of our workplaces.

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