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Business Accelerators

Do you want to start your own business, but you lack sufficient funds and the right facilities? Czech universities have listened to the needs of student start-ups and have set up business accelerators – places where people meet, exchange their experience from business, and, above all, approach investors.

We’re rooting for young entrepreneurs, which is why we support such accelerators. To start-up companies, we offer free advice and special financial services. If you take part in an accelerator, you can join up with other students to work on one of our real projects and thereby become part of the history of banking!

IT Resource Pool

Are you studying at a university and would like to work in the IT world? Then come join Sporitelna’s IT pool. Not only that we will offer you a paid part-time job, but you will also gain valuable experience and contacts from the country’s largest bank, which literally lives innovation. The IT Resource Pool will also offer you career growth opportunities and, if you are really good, then a job once you finish school.

For current vacancies, check out our career website. [new window]

Student Contests

Do you have good ideas, yet have a hard time moving them forward? We love supporting excellent and beneficial ideas! We will extend a helping hand to you through our partner contests, too. If you succeed in one of them, or at least grab our attention, you will get contact information and sufficient funds to put your ideas in practice. Click on the competition logos to find out more and sign up!

Future Minds

Do you spend lots of time on Facebook? Excellent! We are there too and we have a FB group that regularly features the hottest news for young people. No worries! We’ll not spam your timeline.

Every year, we organise workshops in various towns to reveal all of FB’s mysteries to you, so you can use them in your business or self promotion. We invite you to an initial meeting of the Future Minds group. Join us.

Graduation Papers

Have you discovered an excellent topic for your research paper? Do you think that this might help our business? Fill in our simple form [new window] and we can see whether we will find a mutually beneficial way to implement it.

Part-time Jobs and Internships

Gaining some practical experience while studying always comes in handy. We will gladly welcome you! We offer paid part-time jobs as well as the possibility to gain experience by means of an unpaid internship.

For more information, as well as available part-time jobs and internships, see our career website. [new window]

Cooperation with Universities

We are the General Partner of the University of Economics, and the University of Hradec Králové. Through lectures and workshops, we actively cooperate with Charles University in Prague, the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, and the Mendel and Masaryk Universities in Brno. We also work with the Ostrava Mining University, where we financially support the Euro-administration discipline. Students from Tomáš Bata University in Zlín and the Michael College of Advertising and Art help us with marketing campaigns.

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