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List of Charges - @FAKTURA 24

Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

Setting up Service

Connection to the internet portal 3,900 *)
Connection to the client’s accounting system individually priced
*) on condition standard format XML and CSV of service @FAKTURA 24 utilization

Exchange of Business Documents

  1 - 1 000   1 001 - 5 000   5 001 - 20 000   20 001 - 50 000   50 001 a více 
Depending on the number of transactions (monthly) - according to the number of sent and/or received docum 6.29 5.99 5.69 5.49 5.19
  1   2 - 5   6 - 25   26 - 100   101 - 250   251 a více  
Administration of connection to an accounting system (monthly) - according to the number of business   free of charge 2 per transaction, maximum 300 2 per transaction, maximum 800 2 per transaction, maximum 1,900 2 per transaction, maximum 2,500 2 per transaction, maximum 2,900

Designation of graphic representation of the sent document with electronic sign

By means of  the service @FAKTURA 24   0.84
By the client  free of charge


Sending a CD-ROM containing sent and received invoices for the relevant period (once a year) – once a year   1,650

All prices of service @FAKTURA 24 are mentioned without 21% VAT.
If services, which are subject to VAT, are provided to persons registered for VAT in another member state or to foreigners liable to taxation, the tax liability (place of performance) lies outside the country and the fee therefore is not subject to VAT.

The Product Price List is for information only; it contains informative prices of services tied to the product. Prices in the Product Price List may be composed of multiple items and the final price is fixed in line with the List of Tariffs and Fees of Česká spořitelna, a.s. for Banking Transactions specific for the relevant client segment.


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