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Maestro služební (cestovní)

Bezkontaktní elektronická karta pro služební použití, kterou můžete opakovaně dobíjet

For whom the product is designed

  • all corporations and individuals - entrepreneurs

Product description

Business payment card without any relation to a current account

  • card is particularly suitable for business trips of employees, temps, procurement, etc.
  • pay for goods and services in stores signed with Maestro logo anywhere in the world
  • withdraw cash from extensive ATM network in Czech Republic and abroad
  • withdraw cash at stores providing cash back service


  • unlimited access to funds held in the card account up to its balance that can be repeatedly increased to any amounts (cash deposit, wire transfer)
  • easy check of funds provided to employees
  • minimization of the risk of misuse of funds given to employees (employee has no access to the company’s current account)
  • possibility of issuing several cards to one account and also of several accounts for one company
  • ATMs allow to change your PIN, find out limits of your card, to deposit cash on selected deposit ATMs and use other useful services

Product Terms and Conditions

  • when opening a card account you will be asked to state your basic account number (kept at any bank in the Czech Republic)

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