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Visa Classic

Bezkontaktní embosovaná debetní karta k účtu.

For whom the product is designed

  • all clients from 15 onwards

Product desciption

The easiest access to money on your account 24 hours a day enabling to

  • pay for goods and services in stores signed with Visa logo anywhere in the world
  • make contactless payments in shops which allow these payments
  • make secure payments on the internet with 3D Secure service (air tickets, hotels, internet stores etc.)
  • withdraw cash from extensive ATM network in ČR and abroad
  • withdraw cash at stores providing cash back service



  • comfortable and quick payments thanks to contactless technology
  • Česká spořitelna´s ATM at almost every corner – we already have more than 1300 ATMs
  • cheap cash withdrawals from Erste Group ATMs in Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Rumania and also in Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • ATMs allow you to change your PIN, recharge your mobile phone credit, look at your account balance and more

Product Terms and Conditions

  • cards are issued to personal accounts Osobní účet České spořitelny, Osobní účet České spořitelny Student, Osobní účet České spořitelny Junior and to giro accounts
  • cards are available instantly at the account opening or at any later time

Additional Information


  • 3 year card validity – we notify clients before card expiration and automatically issue new ones
  • your issued card can be sent to your home address or to your branch
  • PIN to your card can be sent via SMS to your mobile phone or by post
  • cards can also be issued express or sent abroad
  • the card contains a chip for quicker and more secure transaction processing

Card limits

  • limits may be agreed individually depending on your actual needs or you may choose to use standard limits
  • you can check your current limits at ATMs, our HELP LINE 800 207 207, in SERVIS 24 or at any branch; if they do not suit your needs you can change them
  • need to change your limit temporarily? Use our Lock/Unlock Card Service

Make it even better

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