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Product description 

Mobile Bank of Česká spořitelna is an application intended for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users. You can use this application to promptly control your finance; in particular you can do the following:

  • View account balances
  • Enter single orders
  • Scan and pay postal orders
  • View transaction history
  • Contact the Bank directly
  • Search for information on our branches and ATMs
  • Change limits on cards
  • Recharge the credit of your mobile phone
  • Use the QR code to make payments


  • You can access your finance at anytime and anywhere, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, all year round
  • Control is very easy, fast and intuitive  
  • Free of charge

Product terms and Conditions

  • Account in ČS for private individuals as well as for entrepreneurs (natural and legal persons)
  • Activated service SERVIS 24 Internetbanking
  • Access to Internet through mobile devices 
  • mobile device with operating system iOS 6.0 and higher (iPhone), Android version 2.3 and higher, Windows Phone 8.1 and higher

If you meet the following three conditions you can set up your Mobile Bank easily and quickly

  • Download the SERVIS 24 Mobile Bank application for free using the App Store [nové okno]Google Play [nové okno] or Windows Phone Store and install it
  • Login to SERVIS 24 Internetbanking and generate the activation code
  • Start up the Mobile Bank application and enter the activation code
  • Detailed instructions for installation and activation of the service is available at the set-up page






 Additional information 

Security Recommendations

  • Set-up the automatic locking in the telephone menu
  • Once you update the Mobile Bank we recommend changing your security details (password) for login
  • Use only the verified applications for downloading to the mobile device
  • Do not open documents, videos, files, applications and active links from e-mails from unknown senders in you mobile device
  • Regularly change the password for Mobile Bank, at least twice a year
  • Check of data and SMS sent from the mobile phone based on the history or details in monthly  settlement

Technical Specification

  • Operating system iOS 6 and higher ones, Android 2.3. and higher ones, Windows Phone 8.1 and higher ones
  • Mobile data connection


  • e-banking support   +420 956 777 956
  • Telefónica O2          +420 726 11 11 44
  • T-Mobile                  +420  605 66 11 44
  • Vodafone                 +420 776 99 11 44

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