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Product description

The insurance of a card and personal belongings can be arranged for all international cards.

We offer four insurance options: P10 (not for sale separately), P30, P60 and P90.

The holders of selected gold cards and MC World cards are insured automatically - see below.

What all is covered by the insurance:

  • Unauthorized transactions carried out with a lost or stolen card (applies also to transactions with the use of PIN code, the client’s 150 EUR deductible is insured as well)
  • Cash withdrawn by the client with the card
  • Personal belongings*
    • purse, handbag, backpack
    • cash in the purse or handbag that was withdrawn from the account the card is issued to - up to 2.000 CZK
    • corrective eye glasses
    • multimedia player
    • costs of new personal papers, ID card and transit pass for urban public transport (MHD), certificate of vehicle registration, part I for a personal car
    • keys and replacement of locks in the apartment and personal car
    • fee for the issuance of a replacement card
    • fee for the blocking of a SIM card, misuse of a mobile phone and costs of the purchase of a new mobile phone
    • camera (costs of the purchase of a new camera) - the P30, P60, P90 option
    • notebook, tablet (costs of the purchase of a new notebook, tablet) - the P90 option only

* the loss or theft must occur simultaneously with the loss of theft of the payment card

Detailed information can be found in the Terms and conditions for card and personal belongings insurance

Option Unauthorized card transaction in CZK Theft of cash in CZK   Aggregate limit for personal belongings
P10 10 thousand 10 thousand 20 thousand
P30 30 thousand 10 thousand 25 thousand
P60 60 thousand 10 thousand 30 thousand
P90 90 thousand 15 thousand 35 thousand

Arrange your insurance at any branch of Česká spořitelna.

For the following cards, the insurance policy is an automatic part of the card:

  • under the P60 option:  Visa Gold Exclusive
  • under the P10 option:  MC World

The insurance is provided in cooperation with the insurance company Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group.

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