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Kreditní karta Odměna

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You can have your account managed for free with your credit card as part of the For Trust (Za důvěru) programme.
Learn more about the programme
at www.csas.cz/zaduveru.

Buy what you need

No need to check if you have enough cash in your wallet anymore. With a credit card, you can pay everything with assurance and any time you need.

You can repeatedly draw funds which you can repay within 55 days without a surcharge. No need to provide collateral. Based on an assessment of possibilities and risks, we can offer you a drawdown limit of up to CZK 200,000.


Buy at better terms than previously

  • Get a reward for every purchase
    You get 1% back from each payment made with your card. You can choose the account for us to credit your reward to - your card account, your Česká spořitelna pension plan (pension insurance or pension savings), or the Buřinka building society savings. You can gain up to CZK 350 per month.
  • You have your cash always with you
    You can easily pay with the card in shops home and abroad. You can pay comfortably and safely with your card in online shops; thanks to 3D Secure this is the safest payment method on the Internet.
  • Discover rewards
    In addition, you can get rewards with theiBOD multi-partner bonus programme
  • Enjoy an interest-free period of up to 55 days
    If you repay the entire borrowed amount by the maturity date stated in the account statement, we will charge you no interest on cashless payments
  • Contactless payments
    You can pay faster, avoid cash desk delays and save that extra bit of your time.
  • Get a perfect overview
    Thanks to Internet banking you can access your card account non-stop. Your monthly transaction statement is free of charge. You can also receive the statements via text messages.
  • Cards for your loved ones
    You can share credit card benefits and rewards with your family. We can give you up to 3 more credit cards for your family members.
  • One-time payment orders
    One-time orders for payments to any accounts denominated in the Czech currency when you need to pay inevitable costs but have an insufficient amount in your bank account. Just enter the number of the bank account to which to send the money and the other required information. The maximum amount per order is CZK 49,999. You can arrange for this at a branch or on the 800 207 207 customer line.


A TIP for you:

Credit sticker
A credit card in the form of a sticker for the fastest payment method, which is always ready at hand. It can turn your mobile handset to a contactless payment device in seconds. You can pay up to CZK 500 with it, without having to enter your PIN. You can choose either the white or black sticker design.


Kreditní karta Odměna


The card’s appearance is all up to you. You can create your own stylish card design or choose from a gallery of images.

See other advantageous services
A credit card brings you more handy services and benefits that you can appreciate every day.


Get a credit card and get rewards

Call 800 207 207 for free, visit our branch or submit a request and we will get back to you.

A TIP for you:

Do not wait for your turn in the queue at a branch. You can make an appointment for selected branches for a specific hour.


We will reward you for using your credit card 

You will get 1 ibod point for:

  • Every CZK 100 paid using a credit card
  • Every day when you are our client

You can also gain ibod points for other activities at bank:

  • For every CZK 100 of proper credit repayment including mortgage loans
  • For every CZK 100 you transfer to savings, insurance or investments

Calculate how many ibod points you get and see the rewards awaiting you.
Do not forget to register in iBOD and activate collecting of ibod points by Česká spořitelna!





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