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Warning against Pharming – Fraudulent Technique of Getting Client´s Confidential Banking Details

Dear Clients,

Ceska Sporitelna monitoring has recently detected a new type of Trojan horse aiming at getting access codes to the internet banking of clients of several banks, not only of Ceska Sporitelna. Thanks to quick detection of the fraud attempt, no clients should be affected.

Pharming, virus distribution, Trojan horses or phishing are examples of fraudulent techniques. Their common feature is that they elude security technologies and try to install themselves on computers while the users is surfing the internet for instance.  The offending system self- activates when the user logs on to the internet banking website. The user does not get to the real web page but to a pre-created copy which aims at getting clients´ confidential data abusing them.

Supposing your computer was attacked, you may encounter unusual or suspicious phenomena in your internet banking.  You may be prompted to enter data whish are not usually required.  If this is the case, log out of the application and terminate it immediately.  Contact the client centre of your bank.

Respect security recommendations of your bank.


Free anti-virus programmes:

http://www.avast.cz/cze/download-avast-home.html [new window] Avast! Antivirus
http://www.grisoft.cz/cz.8901 [new window] AVG Antivirus

Suitable commercial products:

http://www.eset.cz/download [new window] NOD32 Antivirus
http://www.aec.cz/index.php?id=586,38,0,0,1,0 [new window] TrustPort Workstation
http://www.symantec.com/cs/cz/norton/products/overview.jsp?pcid=is&pvid=nav2008 [new window] Norton Antivirus
http://emea.trendmicro.com/emea/products/personal/antivirus-plus-anti-spyware/index.html [new window] TrendMicro Antivirus

Special offer for O2 Telefonica clients:

http://www.cz.o2.com/osobni/cz/internet_a_email/internet_a_email-doplnkove_sluzby-pcstrazce.html [new window] PC Strážce


Basic Scams of Cyber Crime (pdf) [new window]

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