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Ceska Sporitelna Preventively Informs Clients of Fraudulent E-mails

Fraudulent e-mails (known as “phishing“) have been sent out to some clients recently; the e-mails make impression as if they were sent from the official address of Ceska Sporitelna.  The messages contain a link to a fake web site of Ceska Sporitelna internet banking SERVIS 24 or to fake web pages of internet merchants. Clients are then prompted to give their identification banking details. The aim of a fraudulent e-mail is to get the client number and password (identification and authentication data) for SERVIS 24 Internetbanking and to misuse the data.  Some of the fraudulent e-mails are written in poor Czech, in English or partially in Cyrillic alphabet. The last version, which can appear authentic, informs clients of an alleged rejection of a payment transaction; it is written both in Czech and in English.

Ceska Sporitelna has never sent out a similar message and never asks its clients' security data via e-mail. 

Ceska Sporitelna, as a precautionary measure, insists that clients do not react to such e-mails and do not log on to SERVIS 24 Internetbanking through the link in the body of the e-mail. Ceska Sporitelna protects its internet banking by a series of security data and it is not possible to fraudulently transfer funds through the service on the basis of only two access codes.  However, in the event that clients have reacted to the e-mail, Ceska Sporitelna recommends to immediately contact the Client  Interactive Center at tel. 800 207 207 (00420 582 405 405 from abroad) in order to block the service and to have  new access codes generated. 

Ceska Sporitelna also asks those clients who received, or may receive a fraudulent e-mail in the future, to send it to the address phishing@csas.cz . Thank you to help us protect the internet banking security.

Ceska Sporitelna Internetbanking is protected by a system of security items, which are independent but complement one another. Ceska Sporitelna has successfully deterred all the attempts to attack its internet banking security.

Clients are highly recommended not to react even if a similar fraudulent e-mail is delivered from a company other than Ceska Sporitelna - for instance from a card association or an internet merchant.

PDF version Press release [new window]

An example of the fraudulent e-mails, so-called phishing e-mails (pdf) [new window]

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