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Everyone Can Earn Money with Companies Such as Apple, Pfizer, and Amazon, by Investing into the New Premium Debt Security SPEKTRUM 1

  • In three years, money invested into PDCP SPEKTRUM 1 can appreciate by up to 28 percent, with a guaranteed return of 95% of the nominal value of the security
  • It enables investors to participate in the development of 21 shares of reputable companies traded in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • Interest in investments into bonds, debt securities, and unit trusts has risen.  Ceska sporitelna clients have invested over CZK 17 bn into them since the beginning of the year

Having one’s savings appreciate effectively without being exposed to increased market risks is very difficult now that interest rates are practically at zero. One of the few ways of achieving interesting yields at low market risk is to invest into bonds and debt securities.  They are increasingly attractive for Ceska sporitelna’s clients for precisely that reason.  Between the beginning of this year and mid May, they invested more than CZK 3.65 bn into them.  That is why we have prepared the three-year Premium debt security SPEKTRUM 1 for our clients.  It replaces the popular line of Premium stock bonds, of which we issued an admirable 17 issues.

The new line of SPEKTRUM Premium debt securities is being introduced at a time when it is very difficult to create products with a 100% guarantee of return, due to market conditions.  The SPEKTRUM 1 Premium debt security guarantees clients a 95% return of the nominal value of the PDCP, and immediate availability of funds.  Furthermore, it makes it possible to obtain an attractive yield potential, of as much as 28% in three years, which is derived from the development of 21 share titles of reputable companies traded on US, European and Asian stock exchanges.  This allows retail investors to take part in the development of a broad range of important international companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Pfizer, Tata Motors, Petrochina, and Woolworths.

The SPEKTRUM Premium debt security has the same, very popular structure as its predecessors.  It offers three premium rates of 11%, 5.5%, and 0% per year, depending on the development of the prices of underlying stock titles.  Daily yields are aggregated and locked on a daily basis, which means that, once attained, the yield cannot drop and will be paid out at maturity date with the principal.  And all that with a return of 95% of the nominal value.  “This is a product that our clients are well familiar with, which they understand, and which is popular with them,” said Pavel Kráčmar, Director of Retail Investments at Ceska sporitelna, in commenting on the new issue of the SPEKTRUM 1 security.

Client interest in unit trusts this year is exceeding the interest in previous years.  The greatest interest is in unit trusts managed by Investiční společnost České spořitelny and the REICO investment company.  Clients have invested more than CZK 11 bn into these funds since the beginning of the year, of which nearly CZK 1.3 bn was invested into the real estate fund managed by REICO.  Funds managed by Erste Asset Management (EAM), of the Erste Bank AG group, do not lag far behind: clients have invested more than CZK 1.85 bn into its funds.  Ceska sporitelna also offers its clients funds of reputable international managers, such as Franklin Templeton Investments, Fidelity Worldwide Investment, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, and NN Investment Partners.  Since they were first offered, CS clients have invested over CZK 550 mil. into funds of these top-level asset managers.

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