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Record-Low Market Rates Favour Investments into Securities

  • As of 1 June 2015, Ceska sporitelna is lowering interest rates on savings accounts
  • Mortgage-rates are at their all-time low - Ceska sporitelna is offering a fixed rate from 1.99% per year
  • To obtain an interesting, albeit unguaranteed, income, it is better to put money into investment products, as deposits are not profitable
  • From 1 April to 30 June 2015, Ceska sporitelna will not charge any entry fees on its open-end unit trusts, for clients affected by decreased savings account interest rates

The Czech Republic, just like the rest of Europe, has been facing a continued drop in interest rates.  Banks are responding to this situation.  Ceska sporitelna has already cut its interest rates on mortgages (currently offering fixed interest rates starting at 1.99% per year), while trying to maintain the rates on its savings accounts unchanged.  This is unsustainable in the long-term, which is why the bank will decrease the interest rates on its deposits as of 1 June 2015.

Ceska sporitelna is, however, striving to find ways for its clients to grow their funds more rapidly.  Advantageous options in an environment with interest rates that are close to zero are investment products.  Attractive yields, albeit unguaranteed, are currently offered by investments into open-end unit trusts.  Also of interest to clients are conservative structured products offered by Ceska sporitelna, such as Premium Bonds.  Furthermore, to those clients who will see their savings account interest rates drop as of 1 June 2015, Ceska sporitelna will offer an easy and advantageous way to enter the investment waters: if they decide to invest into open-end unit trusts between 1 April and 30 June 2015, the bank will not charge them any entry fees.

Last year, investors into practically all unit trust categories enjoyed success.  Hence, both conservative and dynamic trusts delivered interesting appreciation.  Over the course of 2014, the assets of the least risky ISČS mixed fund - Konzervativní mix - increased by CZK 7.86 bn, reaching more than 13 billion crowns as at year end.  It brought appreciation of 2.91% per year to its clients in 2014 (as at 31 December 2014).  The assets of the Top Stocks equity unit trust appreciated by 21.83% as at the end of 2014, and its five-year performance was 18.37% per year.  Client assets in the ČS nemovitostní fond appreciated by 3.6% per annum last year.  Structured products – one of the most conservative investment products offered by Ceska sporitelna – also delivered interesting appreciation to clients.  With the four-year premium stock bond Akciový prémiový dluhopis ČS 2014, which matured in November 2014, clients’ assets appreciated by 1.94% per year.  The Euroclixx premium bond, which matured on 16 March 2015, will deliver appreciation of 2.91% per year to clients. 

For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Kristýna Havligerová
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Marek Pšeničný
CSFG Press Center

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