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Ceska Sporitelna Presents Its New Marketing Concept – “Palečkovi”

  • Television stories of the Palečkovi (the Thumb family) will support the Ceska sporitelna brand and enhance awareness of the advisory role of its branches.
  • The unique appearance of the cartoon characters is the work of the Argentinean PepperMelon animation studio – a world leader and recipient of many international awards for 3D animation.

Ceska sporitelna presents its new marketing concept – Palečkovi.  It is a unique 3D animated world of a typical Czech family, the aim of which is to present Ceska sporitelna’s products and services to regular clients in an entertaining and playful form.  With Palečkovi, Ceska sporitelna is aiming at the general public (mass market) and small entrepreneurs, who would be quite familiar with the life of a typical Czech family living together in a typical 1960’s design house with a garden in a small town.  Palečkovi will first launch a loan consolidation campaign that will begin in the media on 18 March 2015. 

“Palečkovi are our new concept that follows upon our current communication concept: We Enjoy Family.  The main character is still “family”.  With the everyday joys and sorrows of Palečkovi, we will show that Ceska sporitelna understands the needs of common people and is a bank that will give them good advice in any situation.  We have many branches and well-trained professionals – and they know how to give advice and help,” says Josef Havelka, Director of Marketing at Ceska sporitelna.

Palečkovi are unique, in that they have been created specifically created for Ceska sporitelna, and also in their 3D design.  The purpose of the new concept is to clearly distinguish ourselves from our competitors.  It is evident at first sight that this is Ceska sporitelna’s advertising.  The TV spots will primarily support our brand and enhance awareness of the advisory role of CS branches.

“Via television, all year round, we want to communicate topics related to our clients’ main financial needs and their resolution.  We tell viewers that they should come to us for advice, because often it really is not easy to understand banking products.  On the Internet, on the radio, in the press, and in all other communication channels available to us, we will focus on supporting specific product offerings.  Of course, Palečkovi will have their own website and their Facebook profiles,” adds Josef Havelka.

The spot was produced by the agency Young & Rubicam.  The unique appearance of the cartoon characters was created by the PepperMelon Studio, an Argentinean animation studio – a world leader and recipient of many 3D and animation awards.  Their work includes campaigns and films for the US as well as the European markets: Disney-Pixar, Google, Guardian, Cartoon Network, Coca Cola, MTV, Lego, Xbox, Unilever, Fanta, Nestle, The Guardian, etc.

Palečkovi are not perfect, but that makes them all the cuter.  They love reach other very much and stick together in any weather.  We hope they keep it up!



For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Kristýna Havligerová
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Marek Pšeničný
CSFG Press Center

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