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Erste Corporate Banking Lent Nearly 90 Million Crowns to Start-up Businesses in the Inostart Programme

  • Ceska sporitelna launched the Inostart Programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Czech and Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank 
  • Last year, Ceska sporitelna provided 16 loans to start-up businesses, amounting to a total of nearly 90 million crowns
  • Clients took advantage of nearly one thousand hours of free consultations provided by the Erste Grantika Advisory subsidiary

In 2013, nearly 1.8 million people – more than one-half of all employees in the Czech Republic – had work thanks to small and medium-size enterprises.  Small and medium-size businesses are therefore important employers, and the provision of support for their business is naturally in the interest of the entire society.  In addition to reducing unemployment, they strengthen the competitiveness and growth of the Czech economy.  The Inostart Programme aims at precisely that: enabling start-up entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and projects to get loans for their implementation.  Through it, Ceska sporitelna, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) and the Czech and Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB), supports enterprise in the Czech Republic.

“The programme’s central idea is to grant access to loan financing to a risky segment of the economy that has, nevertheless, a great potential of further development,” said Ladislav Dvořák, Manager of Strategic Projects at Ceska sporitelna.  The bank has supported the Inostart Programme since its inception in 2012, both by providing loans under the Erste Corporate Banking brand, and by providing advisory services through its subsidiary, Erste Grantika Advisory.

Last year alone, over 100 entrepreneurs entered their projects in the Inostart Programme, of whom 38 actually met the programme parameters.  By the end of 2014, Ceska sporitelna had financed 16 business plans and provided loans amounting in aggregate to nearly 90 million crowns.  In addition, clients also used nearly one thousand hours of free consulting from Erste Grantika Advisory.  “We consider the aggregate volume of loans to be a success, as these are small loans, ranging from half a million to 15 million crowns.  This year, we are expecting these loans to increase further – to roughly double,” said Ladislav Dvořák.

One of the successful loan applicants last year was, for example, NANOPROTEX, a producer of nano-fiber membrane that the company developed in association with the Textile Faculty of the Technical University in Liberec.  In developing the membrane, the research team was inspired by human skin, and came up with a material with excellent properties, such as extremely high vapour permeability, water-resistance, and 100% wind-resistance.  Hence, NANOPROTEX targets customers such as producers of functional clothing for sports, outdoor activities, mountain climbing, as well as for defence and rescue corps (the army, the police, firemen, rescue crews).  “NANOPROTEX’s aim is to become one of the most competitive companies in the textile industry in the production of nano-fibre membranes, with a market share of more than 10 percent.  The business loan from Ceska sporitelna can help us significantly in attaining that aim,” said Rudolf Rambouský, Registered Representative of NANOPROTEX.

The Inostart Programme was launched in September 2012 to support a very important, but also risky market segment – innovative start-up businesses.  In the programme, Erste Corporate Banking, of the Ceska sporitelna Financial Group, provides specialised financing to start-up businesses, in cooperation with MIT and ČMZRB.  Guarantees and consulting are financed from the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme, whereby the Swiss side supports new EU member states.  The programme was originally only launched in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc Regions; as of last year, its coverage was extended nationwide.

Easier access to loans for start-up businesses consists of the provision of a 60 percent loan guarantee provided by ČMZRB.  Further advantages include the provision of the loan on above-standard terms, such as no loan origination fee, the possibility to postpone principal payments by up to 3 years, and, above all, the provision of customised advisory services entirely free of charge.  This enables the client to get through the loan application stage and can make it far easier for him to start his business and get it off the ground.

For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Kristýna Havligerová
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Pavla Kozáková
CS Press Centre

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