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13.02.2015 11:00

Top Stocks Fund of Investiční společnost České spořitelny Appreciated Client’s Assets by almost 22% Last Year

  • The most successful funds of Investiční společnost České spořitelny focused on developed global markets; the assets of the Top Stocks fund appreciated by 21.83%
  • Bond funds also did well in 2014: ISČS Sporobond grew by 6.38%, the High Yield fund won the Progressive Bond Fund of 2014 award from Fincentrum
  • The ČS nemovitostní fond of REICO České spořitelny appreciated the assets invested by its clients by 3.6% last year
  • This year will be favourable for investment products, whereas traditional savings instruments will not bring significant appreciation

Last year was successful for investors into the global stock unit trusts of Investiční společnost České spořitelny (ISČS), as well as for the investors of ČS nemovitostní fond of REICO České spořitelny, who noted attractive appreciation.  The most successful were funds focused on developed global markets.  The assets of the Top Stocks fund appreciated by 21.83% as at the end of 2014, and its five-year performance reached 18.37% p. a.  ČS nemovitostní fond appreciated its client’s assets by 3.6% last year.  This year, Ceska sporitelna expects greater interest in investment products, given the low interest rates on deposit products.

“This year will be marked by very low interest rates, and traditional bank products will therefore not offer interesting investment appreciation.  An investment recipe that will work on a sustained basis is to invest into a broader portfolio of financial assets, ideally mixed funds.  With them, the investor can profit from positive developments, whether they be in stock markets or in other segments of the financial markets,” says Martin Šmíd, ISČS portfolio manager.

Mixed funds also had a good year.  This year, the assets of the least risky ISČS mixed fund – the Konzervativní mix, grew by CZK 7.86 bn, amounting to CZK 13 bn at year end.  Also doing well were bond funds, primarily thanks to the continuing drop of the yield of government bonds; however, an equally favourable development cannot be expected in the future.  The largest ISČS bond fund, Sporobond, grew by 6.38% last year.  The High Yield unit trust appreciated by 9.21% in the last three years, winning the 5th annual analysis of the Czech investment market, the Investment of 2014, in the Progressive Bond Fund of 2014 category.  The competition is organised by Fincentrum and the economic monthly Forbes.  The fund invests primarily into riskier corporate bonds and is suitable for investors who seek appreciation on bond markets and accept price fluctuations.

ISČS is currently managing 33 unit trusts worth in aggregate over CZK 68.1 bn.  Together with assets of private and institutional clients, it is more than CZK 188.9 bn.

ČS nemovitostní fond managed by REICO České spořitelny appreciated its clients’ investments by 3.6% last year (by 3.4% p.a. in the last 5 years).  The yield achieved confirmed the fund’s stable performance over a longer time frame.  This is also evident from its performance curve, which has been noting positive growth for nearly 6 years.  The ČS nemovitostní fond remained the country’s largest real estate fund for retail clients, with capital of CZK 3.81 bn as at the end of 2014.  A new acquisition was added to the portfolio of the ČS nemovitostní fond in March 2014 – the Qubix at Prague’s Pankrác.  The total number of buildings held by the fund grew to nine commercial properties, of which eight are in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia.  The fund’s portfolio is healthy, and stable rental income is assured on the basis of solid rental agreements.  The value of the fund’s unit certificate as at the end of last year was CZK 1.0730.

Performance of selected unit trusts in % as at 31 December 2014


1 year

3 years p.a.

5 years p.a.

Top Stocks  21.83% 23.25% 18.37%
Global Stocks FF 16.62% 18.24% 10.84%
Trendbond 8.20% 7.60% 3.55%
Akciový Mix FF 7.73% 12.57% 6.07%
Sporobond 6.38% 5.76% 4.83%
Dynamický Mix FF 6.12% 9.89% 5.60%
Vyvážený Mix FF 5.52% 7.81% 4.57%
Konzervativní Mix FF 2.91% 4.15% 2.83%
High Yield dluhopisový 1.98% 9.21% 3.84%
ČS korporátní dluhopisový -7.79% 1.58% 1.61%
Sporotrend -9.91% -2.91% -10.65%


For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Kristýna Havligerová
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Marek Pšeničný
CSFG Press Center

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