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14.11.2014 13:00

Ceska Sporitelna Named Bank Without Barriers of 2014, Defended its Most Trustworthy Bank Title for the Eleventh Time, and Won the Mortgage of the Year Award

  • Handicapped people chose Ceska sporitelna as the Bank without Barriers of 2014
  • The general public decided for the eleventh successive year that Ceska sporitelna is the Most Trustworthy Bank of the Year 2014
  • The expert jury awarded the Mortgage of the Year 2014 title to Ceska sporitelna


The company Konto Bariéry, in cooperation with disabled people, rated Ceska sporitelna as the bank that is the most helpful to clients with disabilities. The services and accessibility of branches in all regional capitals were rated by disabled clients themselves. “We very much value the appreciation of people with disabilities. We have been supporting them for many years and have striven to make our services as accessible as possible for those clients. This year, we have again increased the number of ATMs for the visually impaired, which now account for more than one-third of our ATM network. We have also introduced the e-scribe service at our main branches, which makes it easier for hearing-impaired clients to communicate with our bankers. We are happy that clients appreciate these activities,” said Pavel Kysilka, Chairman of the Management Board of Ceska sporitelna.

For the eleventh time, Ceska sporitelna also succeeded with the general public, which chose it as the Most Trustworthy Bank of the Year 2014. “Trustworthiness is the cornerstone of banking. Ceska sporitelna was built on such a stone 190 years ago.  The banking market, as well as society in general, is undergoing rapid developments, and Ceska sporitelna managed to maintain trustworthiness even in that environment,” said Kysilka, in commenting on the title.

Ceska sporitelna also ranked high with professionals, who rated its mortgage as the best on the market, awarding it the Mortgage of the Year 2014 prize. “Mortgages are one of the most traditional banking products. Hence, it is evident that there is great rivalry in the segment. The fact that our offer is the best is a major accomplishment,” said Kysilka, in evaluating our participation in the contest.

The objective of the Fincentrum Bank of the Year 2014 competition is to draw attention to the services and products of banks operating in the Czech Republic. The basic criterion is the banks’ focus on retail clients. For more information, see www.bankaroku.cz [new window].


For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Helena Matuszná
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz

Press release – PDF version [new window]

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