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Ceska sporitelna Launches Personal Banking under a Separate Brand: BLUE

  • Ceska sporitelna will start offering personal banking under the BLUE brand at 138 of its branches and two exclusive branches in Prague and Brno
  • The BLUE service is available to all Ceska sporitlena clients, and a certain level of income or total account balance entitles them to price discounts
  • Ceska sporitelna wants to build life-long relationships with its clients and the BLUE service has the ambition to address a client’s needs at each stage of his life, right through to retirement.

On 1 October, Ceska sporitelna will start offering personal banking under the brand BLUE, at 138 of its branches and two exclusive branches in Prague and Brno.  With its BLUE brand, Ceska sporitelna is targeting clients from the middle income group who expect a bank to provide a broad range of services and personal banking services at a high standard.  Although the BLUE service is available to all Ceska sporitelna clients, they do require a monthly income of at least CZK 30,000 or total account balance of CZK 500,000 to be eligible for a discount from the listed price of the service.  Ceska sporitelna wishes to build life-long relationships with its clients, which is why it has structured the BLUE service such that the bank could effectively address a client’s needs at each stage of his life, from the start of his productive age through to retirement.

“As personal banking has recently become a market trend that is appreciated by an increasing number of people, we have decided to be the first to offer the service to clients under a separate brand name.  We want the new brand to draw attention to our existing service model using personal bankers.  In the future, we want to enrich the portfolio of services offered under the BLUE brand, drawing the attention of a yet greater number of clients,” says Josef Havelka, Marketing Director of Ceska sporitelna.

With the BLUE service, clients obtain the services of a personal banker and the possibility of consulting and comprehensive financial planning.  We also offer our clients the possibility of communicating through other channels.  For example, they can contact our virtual banker by telephone or use Busy Banking, or the SERVIS 24 Mobile Bank.  The BLUE service also offers a broad range of investment opportunities and the services of an investment specialist.  The client also receives more advantageous rates than those offered on the market on consumer loans.  The ticket to the BLUE service is a Personal Account – if the basic conditions are met, the price is CZK 120.  But if a client adheres to the recommendations of his personal banker and to his financial plan, the service will be free for him.  Furthermore, the service is also available at preferential prices to persons related to client: wife/husband, partner, and children.  The Personal Account in the BLUE service includes all transactions within the Czech Republic free of charge, including withdrawals from Ceska sporitelna ATMs, a VISA Gold payment card, an overdraft facility, and a savings account bearing interest of 1% on a balance of up to CZK 150,000.  BLUE clients can also use the World credit card with the exclusive Master Card Elite Program. 

For BLUE clients, Ceska sporitelna has launched the www.blue.cz [new window] website.



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