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3D Secure: Secure Internet Payments with a Card from Ceska Sporitelna

  • Ceska sporitelna launches the 3D Secure service, protecting online card payments with a one-off, uinique SMS text message code  
  • Clients performed more than 3.19 million online transactions of a total volume of CZK 2.84 bn
  • With all card payments, clients may use the chargeback service – assistance from the bank when making guarantee claims for goods or services against a retailer

From today you can make safer payments with payment cards from Ceska sporitelna. Ceska sporitelna launches its 3D Secure service today – secure online card payments whereby payments by card in secure online shops will be additionally secured with a one-off, unique SMS text message code. The service is free for CS clients. Until the end of this year activation of the 3D Secure service is voluntary, but as of 1st January 2015, it will be compulsory for all payments by CS card in secure online shops to be protected. In doing this, Ceska sporitelna has taken another important step towards greater protection of clients’ deposits when paying online.

“Online card payments are becoming more and more popular among our clients. Over the first five months of this year, clients have made more than 3.19 million transactions by card online, at a total value of CZK 2.84 bn. This represents an almost 31% increase in the number of and 23% increase in the volume of transactions,” according to Marie Hešnaurová, head of the Ceska sporitelna payment card development department.

3D Secure has greatly contributed towards increased transaction security. Without both his card and mobile for receiving the authorisation SMS text, the client’s payment cannot be performed. Another reason for making online payments in this way is the chargeback service, where, on behalf of the client and in protecting his interests, Ceska sporitelna deals with any potential problems encountered during the complaints and returns procedure concerning the online shop and also concerning quality, quantity or type of goods or services paid for. If the complaint or return is confirmed as justified, the client will not lose his money. This means that the bank will resolve situations on behalf of the client where the goods sent differ from the description on the website, are damaged or counterfeit, or if the client does not receive the goods, the retailer does fails to comply with the delivery date, etc. Clients may use the chargeback service when paying by card either via the Internet or at the retailer’s premises.    

Safe payment with 3D Secure is possible with those retailers that support this technology. This means almost 100% of online shops in the Czech Republic (and about 50% abroad). The secure payment gateway is easy to recognise from the logos of the payment card associations.

  Logo Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

Clients will be informed of activation of the 3D Secure service when they make a purchase online. The number for receipt of the authorisation SMS text will automatically be the number in the settings for authorisation of payments in our SERVIS 24 service. However, clients may also activate the services in other ways: via Internet banking, by phone using our free phone number 800 207 207, or at any branch of Ceska sporitelna. Currently, all clients who change their Internet payment card transaction limits will be required to activate the service. Similarly, the client must activate the service when applying for a new card, if they wish to use that card for payments on the Internet.    

For further information, please contact the Press Centre for the Financial Group of Ceska sporitelna

Helena Matuszná
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz


Press release – PDF version [new window]

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