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Ceska Sporitelna’s Ladies’ Investment Club, a Unique Forum for Keen Female Investors, Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary, with Nearly 2,700 Members

  • Ceska sporitelna’s Ladies’ Investment Club celebrates its sixth anniversary
  • CS was the first bank in the Czech Republic to come up with the idea of establishing a forum for women who are interested in the world of investments to come together
  • Currently, the club has nearly 2,700 members; nearly one-half of active investors invest regularly; most of them prefer conservative investment instruments (bonds and bond funds)

On 15 February 2014, the Ceska sporitelna Ladies’ Investment Club will celebrate its sixth birthday. Ceska sporitelna was the first bank in the Czech Republic to come up with the idea of establishing a forum in which women who are interested in investments can gather. Currently, the club has approximately 2,700 registered members, a large portion of whom are also Ceska sporitelna’s clients (76%). The club’s members include managers, entrepreneurs, and journalists from the throughout country. The largest age cohort is of ladies from 30 to 40.

“I have valued my membership in Ceska sporitelna’s Ladies’ Investment Club since the very outset, as it offers me precisely the type of diversity I like. Not only that I can meet many inspiring people, but I learn something new and useful from the world of finance every time, while also having some fun. Furthermore, I keep expanding my business contact network through the club,” said the future director of the Ceska sporitelna Human Resources Section, Jitka Schmiedová, who also was involved in the launch of the CS Ladies’ Investment Fund. “Thanks to its educative part, I have become a proper investor with a diversified portfolio that comprises not only funds, but also real estate, and newly also comprehensive life-long protection. My next goal is to invest into a jewel that would spend the rest of my life with me,” added Jitka Schmiedová.

On average, 15 new members join the CS Ladies’ Investment Club each month, which is slightly less than last year.  But its members are now investing more: nearly 46% of them invest regularly, which is twice the number last year.  They continue to prefer a more conservative investment strategy: most of them invest into bonds and bond funds (63% of the overall volume of investments), stock (21%), and money-market funds (13%). Approximately 3% invest into alternative investments, such as the real estate market.

“In the CS Ladies’ Investment Club’s first six years, its members and associates had the opportunity to attend nearly 30 specialised lectures and read a number of specialised articles in the Lady In magazine or on the club’s website. I am pleased that they are increasingly interested in the club’s activities and want to take an active part in determining the club’s activities,” said Romana Vlková, Manager of the Ceska sporitelna Ladies’ Investment Club. “Together, we are successfully developing an exclusive independent environment for sharing investment knowledge and experience.  We can see that the behaviour of the club’s members keeps changing and developing: for example, whereas one-time investments prevailed in the past, members are now moving towards regular investments,” added Romana Vlková.

Since its establishment, the CS Ladies’ Investment Club has organised fourteen expert and social gatherings for its members and also regularly published the Lady In magazine. The educational goal of the club is also being advanced by its website www.investicniklub.cz [new window] which has a new visual and is linked to the Ceska sporitelna Investment Centre. Stable and long-term partners of the CS Ladies’ Investment Club include the Harper’s Bazaar magazine, as well as the Jáchymov Medicinal Spa and Auto Volvo Czech and its authorised dealers. In 2013, the club added Ylia, Goldsirio, and the specialised monthly Make Money as new partners.

For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Helena Matuszná
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Klára Pačesová
CS Press Officer


Press release – PDF version [new window]

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