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Ceska Sporitelna Expands Its Offer of Mortgages, Newly Offering Them on Facebook, with Interest Rates Starting at 2.69%

  • As of 13 January, a unique special is being offered on the CS Facebook profile, where clients can get a rate of 2.69% on their new mortgage
  • In 2013, CS clients took out more than 26,500 mortgages in an aggregate value of nearly CZK 41 bn.
  • As compared to 2012, this means a 14% increase in the number of mortgages and 12% increase in volume
  • In the third quarter of 2013, CS sold the greatest number of mortgages on the entire market, holding a 28% market share in mortgages

A unique project is being launched on Monday 13 January: Ceska sporitelna is newly selling mortgages through their Facebook profile (https://apps.facebook.com/bf-cshypoteka/ [new window]). Ceska sporitelna guarantees everyone who registers an interest rate of 2.99% on their new mortgage. If more than 250 prospective clients participate in the special, clients themselves can reduce the interest rate to 2.69%. The offer applies to all new mortgages arranged by 28 February 2014 with an interest rate fixed for five years, and that are being repaid from an active account at Ceska sporitelna. This mortgage can also be used for refinancing mortgages from other banks.

“We want to support our clients’ sustained interest in mortgages, which is why we have prepared a unique special offer for them right at the start of the year.  This time, we have opted for a new way of offering mortgages, which is entirely unique on the market, through social networks. Furthermore, clients themselves can influence the final interest rate on their new mortgage,” said Veronika Jančová, Director of the Retail Product and Process Management Section at Ceska sporitelna. “The way the special works is very simple: it will run from 13 to 29 January, and if more than 250 clients participate in it in that time, each of them will get a rate of 2.69%,” explained Veronika Jančová.

Everyone who wants to participate in the special can register via Ceska sporitelna’s Facebook profile. If more than 250 clients register by the end of the special, the interest rate will be reduced to 2.69% for all of them. This means that the special should motivate clients to spread the word among their friends and acquaintances, about the possibility of getting an advantageous interest rate. The special is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are currently Ceska sporitelna’s clients.

Last year, Ceska sporitelna granted mortgages in an aggregate volume of nearly CZK 41 bn, to more than 26,500 clients. Compared to 2012, this means a 14% growth in number and 12% growth in volume. In the third quarter of 2013, Ceska sporitelna sold the greatest number of mortgages on the market and its market share in terms of the number of mortgages sold amounted to 28%. Last year, the average mortgage taken by people amounted to CZK 1.6 mil with the interest fixed for five years. On a sustained basis, the greatest interest in mortgages has been in Prague and Central Bohemia.

For further information please contact the Press Centre of the Ceska Sporitelna Financial Group (CSFG):

Helena Matuszná
CS Press Officer
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz
Klára Pačesová
CS Press Centre


Press release – PDF version [new window]

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