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Your question - e-invoices in SERVIS 24 Internetbanking

What is an e-invoice?

E-invoices are fully identical electronic versions of the invoices you receive by regular mail. Instead to your letter box, e-invoices are sent directly to your SERVIS 24 Internetbanking, where they can be printed, saved and settled.

Clients are informed about each incoming e-invoice by SMS or email.

Based on the data received via your Internetbanking a payment order will be automatically generated for relevant payment and customers do not have to fill in data manually.

Advantages of e-invoicing

  • You receive invoices in an electronic format, not by mail into your letterbox
  • If settling a single invoice, a payment order is automatically filled in for you to just authorize it
  • You will always receive an email or SMS advice for each incoming invoice
  • Your e-invoices are stored all in one place in SERVIS 24
  • E-invoicing can be activated directly in SERVIS 24

How long e-invoices can be displayed in SERVIS 24?

E-invoices in Internetbanking are available since the date of their receipt from the invoice issuer for a period of 18 months following their respective due date.

E-invoice pricing

E-invoice activation and receipt in the Internetbanking is completely free of charge.

Can I receive invoices in SERVIS 24 if I make my payments by SIPO or direct debit?

E-invoices can be received even in cases when you make your regular payments via SIPO or direct debit.

If you decide to cancel your SIPO payments and choose to pay by a pre-filled single payment order, all you have to do is notify your invoice issuer about your preference.

The list of issuers generating e-invoices

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How can I activate the e-invoicing service?

You can activate your e-invoice service in SERVIS 24 Internetbanking by clicking on “ E-invoice Settings” in ”Settings” menu“.

When selecting the issuer you wish to receive electronic invoices from, the application will prompt you to enter your customer registration number assigned to you by that issuer.

When confirmed, your activation request is forwarded to the selected invoice issuer.

What is a customer number?

The customer number is your identification number under which you are registered with the invoice issuer; it is shown on all invoices received from the issuer.

If you do not have any invoice from the issuer available at the time of activation, contact the issuer’s call centre to obtain it.

For detailed instructions about how to find your customer registration number click on the selected issuer.

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Information about e-invoice due date

It is possible to set up a due date notification via SMS or e-mail about received e-invoice in SERVIS 24 Internetbanking. The setting can be executed in the menu "Set-up  new e-invoice notification" in the tab "Settings". From now and on you will have under your control each e-invoice due date directly in your mobile phone or e-mail.

When do I start receiving e-invoices and stop receiving invoices by mail?

Upon your e-invoice service activation in SERVIS 24 Internetbanking a message will be sent to the chosen invoice issuer.

By clicking on the chosen issuer, information will be displayed about when exactly the issuer will stop sending you “paper” invoices and start generating electronic ones.

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