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How can I become a client of SERVIS 24?

SERVIS 24 is intended for private individuals - citizens (both residents and foreign nationals) above 15 years of age, for private individuals - entrepreneurs and for corporate entities. SERVIS 24 can be activated for clients who have Česká spořitelna Personal Account, giro or current account denominated in CZK or foreign currency held with the Bank.

I am a client of SERVIS 24 but I am not using Internetbanking

As a client of SERVIS 24 you are automatically entitled to use the Internetbanking application of SERVIS 24. To sign-on to the application for the first time, see “The Service Activation” chapter in the SERVIS 24 User Manual .

I am a client of Česká spořitelna, but I have not applied for SERVIS 24 so far

If you are a client of Česká spořitelna and you have a Česká spořitelna Personal Account, giro or current account held with the Bank, you can sign up for SERVIS 24 either during your next visit to your branch or you can call toll-free to the Client Interaction Centre of Česká spořitelna, phone no: 800207207 (or +420582405405 when calling from abroad).

I am not a client of Česká spořitelna

If you are not a client of Česká spořitelna and you want to register for SERVIS 24, you have to visit the nearest point of sale/branch of the Bank; the branch staff will register you for SERVIS 24 and advise you of the most suitable type of bank account.

I have an authorization for access to the account maintained by Česká spořitelna but am not a client of SERVIS 24

If you have an authorisation to operate funds on an account, you can start operating the account also through SERVIS 24. In order to do so, the holder of the account, to which you have the authorization, must visit his branch and agree for you access to the account through SERVIS 24. The Bank will subsequently send you instructions how to activate the service.

For more details call our telephone bankers toll free on: 800207207.

The use of SERVIS 24 is regulated by the Business Terms and Conditions for Direct Banking Services of Česká spořitelna.

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