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Maestro služební (cestovní)

Bezkontaktní elektronická karta pro služební použití, kterou můžete opakovaně dobíjet

Notification to cardholders of payment cards Maestro and MasterCard

Payments by card at merchants

In the countries of the European Union and further in Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland merchants can add a surcharge to your purchase for paying by card Maestro or MasterCard.

  • Such surcharge is at the sole discretion of the merchant and its amount must not exceed the cost demonstrably related to the merchant's cost of card acceptance (e.g. telecommunication fee or fee for transactions processed by the bank).
  • Merchants are required to notify the application and the amount of the surcharge to cardholders in advance, mostly through a written notice placed near the checkout.
  • The charging of this surcharge was allowed by the MasterCard Association with effect from January 1, 2005. Česká spořitelna does not charge any surcharge or fee for payment by card at merchants.

ATM withdrawals abroad

When you make a withdrawal from an ATM abroad, the ATM owner may charge you an additional fee to the withdrawal amount - the access fee.

  • You must be notified of the fee on the ATM screen (amount, manner of calculation, ATM owner’s name) in the same language you have chosen for the use of the AMT. If you do not agree with the fee, you must have the option to cancel the withdrawal.
  • On the withdrawal receipt, the fee amount must be stated separately from the withdrawal amount.
  • The MasterCard Association enabled ATM owners to charge this fee with effect from December 1, 2009. Česká spořitelna charges clients who withdraw cash at ATMs abroad a price according to the List of Charges of Česká spořitelna.

Risk countries for the use of Maestro and MasterCard cards

In accordance with the anti-terrorist laws and security measures, the MasterCard Association does not permit the use of Maestro and MasterCardcards in the following countries:

  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Burma
  • Sudan

You should be aware of this fact when travelling in the above countries.

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