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Recharging mobile phone credit from Česká spořitelna accounts  

SERVIS 24 or Česká spořitelna ATMs allow you to conveniently recharge your mobile phone credit or for your family and friends at almost any time.  

If you are currently using any of the  SERVIS 24 services (Internetbanking, GSM banking or Telebanking) , you can easily and instantly recharge credit on prepaid phones of any of the local mobile operators. You can also use any of the more than 1400 Česká spořitelna ATMs to recharge GO cards, Vodafone cards or TWIST cards free of surcharge.

Recharging calling credit with SERVIS 24 and ATMs is simple and fast and can be done at any time, 24 hours a day.

Recharging credit with SERVIS 24

  • Prepaid mobile phone credit can be recharged in all the local mobile operator networks.
  • Invoice payments and payments for services are possible in the case of Vodafone.
  • Credit can be recharged by telephone (Telebanking), using an internet enabled computer (Internetbanking), or directly from a mobile phone (GSM banking).
  • Credit can be recharged at any time and from any place, including locations abroad.
  • You can recharge credit for your own phone or for phones of your friends and family.
  • A contract on SERVIS 24 is required for recharging mobile phone credit.

Recharging credit at Česká spořitelna ATMs

  • Credit on prepaid mobile phones inside the O2 (O2 card), Vodafone (Vodafone card) or T-Mobile networks (TWIST card) can be recharged.
  • Any of the more than 1400 Česká spořitelna ATMs can be used to recharge mobile phone credit.
  • This service is provided free of charge.
  • Each time you recharge mobile phone credit using a private Česká spořitelna payment card at any of the Česká spořitelna ATMs you receive points which can be redeemed for attractive rewards in the loyalty program iBOD [new window].
  • You can recharge credit for your own phone or for phones of your friends and family.
  • Once you have recharged the credit on a selected mobile phone, the ATM prints a receipt as a tax invoice.
  • The service can be used in combination with Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa payment cards.

For further information contact the toll-free info line at 800 207 207.

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