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Card Payments on the Internet

Česká spořitelna is currently introducing card payments through the Internet (e-commerce, 3D-secure) with Internet Merchants . This solution will enable secure card payments at eShops using 3D-Secure system for card acceptance.

Currently, card payments on the Internet are enabled only for embossed Visa and MasterCard cards.

Česká spořitelna will be shortly introducing another security feature for cardholders - a personal password (similar to PIN code). This solution will enable unique cardholder identification (no one else will have access to the password).

Even with this solution, the rule will clearly be to refrain from the disclosure of your card number to any third party and from the use of your card for payments with unsecured Internet merchants or at Internet cafés.

What are the benefits of the 3D-Secure solution?

The key difference from the current situation is that you send the data from your payment card directly to your bank; the bank will encode the data transmission and will only inform the merchant about the result of the transaction, i.e. whether it was executed or not. This solution protects you from any potential misuse of your payment card by the merchant or from free transmission of unprotected data on the publicly available computer network.

For your transaction security it is therefore recommended to use your card only with merchants who are identified as 3D-Secure. Such merchants should be easily recognizable as they should have the logo "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard Secure Code" displayed on their web pages.

  Verified by Visa   MasterCard - SecureCode

3D-Secure solution scheme

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