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Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

1. MAESTRO - domestic card

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 30.06.2012 to 31.08.2012. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.

1.1. Card issue/use

Card issue - once per 4 years (card issue to sKarta payment account only)  free of charge
Card use - annual fee free of charge

1.2. Services available at ATMs

  ATM of Česká spořitelna  ATM of other bank 
Account balance query  free of charge 20
PIN change  6

1.3. Sending of card/PIN/security password

Sending of card to KoP ÚP  free of charge
Sending of PIN a security password  free of charge
Resending of PIN by registered letter with personal delivery 100

1.4. Card blocking

Blocking execution  free of charge
Blocking recall  free of charge

1.5. Other items

Duplicate card production  240

2. Payment account

2.1.  Account opening, maintenance and closing

Account opening  free of charge
Account maintenance - monthly fee  free of charge
Account closing  free of charge

2.2. Issue of regular monthly statement and preparation of a regular statement to be delivered according to the agreed delivery manner

Issue of regular monthly statement  free of charge
Sending of account statement  by mail to the address agreed  postage
Issue of annual statement (available on www.skontakt.cz free of charge
Delivery at the branch to be collected in person     45
Issue of copy of each statement  75

2.3. Payment transaction information

Issue of payment transaction information (once per month)  free of charge
Issue of copy of payment transaction information  75

2.4. Default client administration, remider letter

3. Cash and non-cash transactions

3.1. Outgoing non-cash payments - payment orders (per entry)

  ATM of Česká spořitelna ÚP 
Payment order acceptance  free of charge free of charge
Payment order execution 6*) 6*)
Set-up and cancellation of standing order/collection permit upon client´s request free of charge free of charge
Execution of standing order/collection permit (per entry)  6*) 6*)
*) FREE once in relation to each social benefit paid if one free ATM withdrawal was not selected already

3.2. Other outgoing non-cash payments

  Point of sale  ATM of Česká spořitelna 
Payment by card  free of charge
Mobile phone charging   free of charge

3.3. Other non-cash transactions

Incoming payment (credited benefit)  free of charge

3.4. Cash deposit

  Bank counter 
Cash deposit  free of charge
Only in cases of claims´compensation

3.5. Cash withdrawal

  ATM of Česká spořitelna  ATM of other bank  Bank counter / Cash advance (in ČR)  Point of sale/cash back  Bank counter 
By card  6*) 40 40 6
By a document  free of charge
FREE once in relation to each social benefit paid if one free non-cash payment was not selected already

4. Other items

4.1.  Other items

Notice of non-executed payment orders  free of charge
Sending of balance SMS  1,50
Cooperation of Česká spořitelna provided to the client in connection with its own payment order erroneously entered   300 (250 + 20% DPH)

Prices are quoted in CZK.

Upon request, Česká spořitelna shall issue a receipt for fees paid in cash.

In exceptional cases, the bank may provide a discount from the specified fee.

This List of Charges shall become valid as of 29 June 2012 and any amendments hereto shall be published at the branches of Česká spořitelna, a.s. and websites of Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Done in Prague on 20 June 2012

Ing. Jiří Škorvaga CSc., in his own hand                             Ing. Roman Lux, v.r.
Member of the Board of Directors                                      Director of Financial planning & analysis
and Deputy General Director

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 30.06.2012 to 31.08.2012. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.

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