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Private individuals - IX. Other banking services

Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

1.  Safe-Deposit Boxes

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 01.10.2007 to 30.09.2008. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.
ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.1. Rental

individually priced

1.2. Notice of payment of unpaid safe-deposit box rental fee


1.3. Charge in case of delayed rental fee payment – for each commenced month of default

10% from the amount of the agreed annual rental fee, minimum 50

1.4. Deposition of uncollected safe-deposit box content

5,000 per year +19% VAT

2.  Bank Safe

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
2.1. Rental

individual pricing

2.2. Deposition of uncollected safe content

5,000 per year +19% VAT

3.  Safekeeping

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
3.1. Charge for the safekeeping of 1 deposit product of Česká spořitelna, a.s.
(This service is not provided with effect from 1 May 2003.)
3.1.1. monthly

100 + 19% VAT

3.1.2. yearly

maximum 500 + 19% VAT

3.2. Safekeeping for courts – annual fee   payable after the release of the items subject to safekeeping or accounted and paid on an annual basis
(This service is not provided with effect from 1 May 2003.)

500 + 19% VAT

3.3. Sending of notice of payment of unpaid safekeeping fee 100
3.4. Deposition of uncollected deposit products

5,000 per year + 19% VAT

4.  Provided Information

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
  • Reports provided pursuant to the provisions of Section 38 (6) of Act No. 21/1992 Coll., on banks, as amended – information on one client (Material costs)
  • Confirmation for domestic clients (issue of visa, studies abroad, opening of account abroad, etc.)

250 + 19 % VAT

5.  Telecommunication Services Related to Banking Transactions

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
5.1. Facsimile per page, Telex, telegram per message 60
5.2. SWIFT per message 150
5.3. Issue (and/or facsimile transmission) of SWIFT message confirmation

100 + telecommunication fees

5.4. Document delivery by messenger services

based on the valid messenger service pricelist

Telecommunication and postal services are subject to a 19% VAT rate.

6.  Other Items

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
6.1. Issue of power of attorney by Česká spořitelna, a.s. personnel 50
6.2. Mediation of the sale of commemorative coins and medals
6.2.1. for 1 coin (medal) gold – standard finish

200 + 19% VAT gold – PROOF finish

300 + 19% VAT other metals – standard finish

20 + 19% VAT other metals – PROOF finish

40 + 19% VAT

6.2.2. for 1 set of circulating commemorative coins (medals)

50 + 19% VAT

6.3. Provision of document copies related to banking transactions upon the client's request (except for account statements) – per page 5
6.4. Provision of copies of documents older than 2 years – per page Note: Plus a fee for document retrieval according to 6.5. in case of a time-demanding document search 100
6.5. Other services not explicitly specified in the List of Charges (e.g.document retrieval, approval of receivable and payable balance) – for every 15 commenced minutes Note: If any service is not provided within financial activities, the client shall pay 19% VAT as stipulated by law. 75

The fees applicable to foreign currency accounts are indicated in CZK and charged as a counter value in the particular foreign currency. The fees are converted based on the Czech National Bank exchange rate.

Apart from the fees for services specified in the List of Charges, also the actual expenses (e.g. blank forms) incurred by Česká spořitelna, a.s. as well as other expenses (e.g. expenses of other banks and institutions) are charged. The fees are debited to the applicable account or paid in cash during the provision of services, however, such fees shall be paid not later than upon account closing and/or at the end of the year. Upon request, Česká spořitelna, a.s. shall issue a receipt for fees paid in cash.

In case non-financial services are provided, 19% VAT is payable.

Additional fees charged for services provided by Česká spořitelna, a.s. are detailed in other parts of the List of Charges.

In exceptional cases, the bank may provide a discount from the specified fee.

This List of Charges shall become valid as of 1 October 2007 and any amendments hereto shall be published at the branches of Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Done in Prague on 17 September 2007

Ing. Jiří Škorvaga CSc., in his own hand
member of the Board of directors
and deputy General director 
Martin Techman, in his own hand
director of the Business development division 

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 01.10.2007 to 30.09.2008. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.

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