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Private individuals - III. Direct banking

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1. SERVIS 24 (Telebanking, Internet banking, GSM banking)

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 01.07.2010 to 31.08.2010. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.
ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.1. Service set up

free of charge

1.2. Monthly fee
1.2.1. giro accounts including Internetové spoření České spořitelny 25
1.2.2. current accounts 100
1.3. Change of agreement data free of charge
1.4. Activation, deactivation of each additional Giro and current account free of charge
1.5. Sending of transaction confirmation, transaction history overview, account detail or building savings simulation result
1.5.1. by e-mail free of charge
1.5.2. by fax 10
1.5.3. by mail 15 + postage
1.6. Sending of authentication SMS 1.50
1.7. SMS notification on newly received e-invoice 1.50
1.8. Internetbanking access unblocking; security code generation free of charge
1.9. Repeated security data generation and sending 100
1.10. Service termination upon the client's request free of charge

2. SERVIS 24 - Start *)

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
2.1. Service set-up free of charge
2.2. Monthly fee free of charge

*) for clients of the Česká spořitelna finantial group without a Giro and/or current account

3.  Direct banking enhanced security regime

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
3.1. With autentication calculator (for SERVIS 24)
3.1.1. regime blocking upon the client's request

free of charge

3.1.2. regime unblocking upon the client's request 150
3.1.3. battery replacement free of charge
3.2. With chip card  
3.2.1. chip-card reader 350 /1 piece
3.2.2. chip card 320/1 piece
3.2.3. client certificate with 1-year validity generation 320 renewal within validity 320 after expiry420

For foreign currency accounts prices are shown in CZK but they are collected in respective foreign currency equivalent. A price which corresponds to its maximum/minimum amount or a fixed price is converted against the rate of the Czech National Bank valid on the fee maturity/charge date. Prices charged as a percentage rate are converted against the trading rate of Č S, a.s. valid on the transaction maturity/fee charge date

Apart from the fees for services specified in the List of Charges, also (-) other expenses (e.g. expenses of other banks nad institutions are charged. The fees are paid in cash during the provision of services or debited to the applicable account, however, such fees shall be settled not later than upon account closing and/or at the end of the year. Upon request, Česká spořitelna shall issue a receipt for fees paid in cash.

Additional fees charged for services provided by Česká spořitelna, a.s. are detailed in other parts of the List of charges.

In exceptional cases, the bank may provide a discount from the specified fee.

This List of Charges shall become valid as of 1 July 2010 and any amendments hereto shall be published at the branches of Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Done in Prague on 20 June 2010

Ing. Jiří Škorvaga CSc. v.r.,
Member of the Bord of Directors 
and Deputy General Director
Martin Techman v.r.,
Director of the Business Development Division

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 01.07.2010 to 31.08.2010. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.

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