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Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

1.  Safe-Deposit Box Rental, Safekeeping in Bank’s Safe

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.1. Safe-deposit box rental individually priced, depending on the box size + 21% VAT
1.3. Charge for delayed rental payment (for each initiated month of delay) 10% of the agreed yearly rental, min. 50
1.4. Safe rental (yearly)

20,000 max. *) + 21% VAT

1.5. Safekeeping for courts (yearly)

200 **) + 21% VAT

1.6. Delivery of notice to settle unpaid safekeeping fee, inclusive postage 100
1.7. Remittance of costs related to safekeeping of non picked-up contents of safe-deposit box (yearly)

5,000 + 21% VAT

*) According to local conditions
**) Due after the hand-over of the items kept or accounted and charged yearly

2.  Provision of Information

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
2.1. Bank report for audit purpose on client’s request
(Concerning solvency assesment or client’s financial operations report)
500 + 100 for each account + 21% VAT
2.2. Bank information individually priced
2.2.1. Concerning domestic antities (depending on the extent of the information and related expenses) *) 50 to 2,000 + 21% VAT
2.2.2. Concerning foreign entities *) 1,000 to 2,000 + 21% VAT
2.3. Bureau information (provided by specialized companies) depending on actual  expenses + 21% VAT
2.4. Reports provided according to the prov. § 38 par. 6 of the law No. 21/1992 Coll. on banks – information about one client 250 + 21% VAT
2.5. Written notice on client’s rating 1,000
*) In case the client was not found in bank’s files, fee of 75 + 21% VAT will be charged.

3.  Other General Items

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
3.1. Provision of copies of banking transactions related documentation, on client’s request (except for account statements) / f or 1 page 5
3.2. Provision of copies of documentation older than 2 years *) / f or 1 page 100
3.3. Account payables and account receivables confirmation *) / f or initiated 15 minutes 75 + 21% VAT
3.4. Other services not specified in the Price List (e.g. tracing documents, etc.) / for each initiated 15 minutes Note:
If a non-financial service is provided 21% VAT payable by client. 
3.5. Special services not specified in the Price List provided to other persons than Česká spořitelna, a.s. clients (in particular assignees of receivables from Česká spořitelna, a.s: tracing documents, creating loan turnover history, documenting loan draw-down volume etc.) / f or each initiated hour 720 + 21% VAT
3.6. Postage and telecommunication – courier service depending on actual expenses
*) The price of this item can be applied on entities not being Česká spořitelna, a.s. client but having other business relationship to Česká spořitelna, a.s.

If services, which are subject to VAT, are provided to persons registered for VAT in another member state or to foreigners liable to taxation, the tax liability (place of performance) lies outside the country and the fee therefore is not subject to VAT.

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