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Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

1.  Securities trading at Burza cenných papírů Praha, a.s. and related services

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.1. Conclusion of commission contract free of charge
1.2. Arrangement of STOCK purchase or sale (fees are charged as a percentage of the volume of executed trades)
1.2.1.Placement of orderfree of charge
1.2.2.Cancellation of orderfree of charge
1.2.3.AOS (KOBOS/AUCTION) CZK 5,000,000individually priced, maximum 0.3% 1,000,000 to CZK 5,000,000 inclusiveIndividually priced, maximum 0.4% 500,000 to CZK 999,999 inclusiveIndividually priced, maximum 0.6% 0 to CZK 499,999 inclusive0.8% minimum 300,-
1.2.4.SPAD (1 lot)individually priced, maximum 0.3%
1.2.5.Deal settlement AOS/ SPADindividually priced
1.3. Other items
1.3.1.Sending of reports on effected and non-effected transactionsfree of charge

2. Securities trading in foreign markets

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
2.1. Conclusion of a brokerage contract

free of charge

2.2. Arrangement of STOCK, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and ETCs (exchange traded commodities) purchase or sale (fees are charged as a percentage from the volume of realized trade)
2.2.1.Placement of orderfree of charge
2.2.2.Cancellation of orderfree of charge
2.2.3.France0.60% minimum EUR 23
2.2.4.Japan0.60% minimum JPY 3,350
2.2.5.Germany0.60% minimum EUR 23
2.2.6.Poland0.60% minimum PLN 100
2.2.7.Austria0.60% minimum EUR 23
2.2.8.USA0.40% minimum USD 20
2.2.9.United Kingdom0.60% minimum GBP 23

3.  Open-end mutual fund unit trading

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
3.1. Share certificates purchase
3.1.1.Erste Group Bank mutual share funds (ISČS, REICO, ESPA) Money market funds 0.30% Konzervativní mix FF
Bond funds
Fond řízených výnosů
1.00% Vyvážený mix FF
Dynamický mix FF
Osobní portfolio 4
1.50% Life cycle funds 2.50% Equity funds
Akciový Mix FF
REICO Real Estate  fund
3.00% ERSTE-ČS Zajištěné fondy
OPF AR 0 private banking fund
OPF AR 25 private banking fund
OPF AR 50 private banking fund
OPF AR 75 private banking fund
according to the selling information for the regular monthly investments based on number of monthly investments. The discount is applicable with the minimum of CZK 1000 investment 1. to 12.discount 0% 13. to 36.discount 25% 37. and morediscount 50%
3.1.2. Third party funds *), Credit Suisse, Fortis, Franklin Templeton, HSBC, Parvest, WIOF market0.50% Bond market 2.50% market4% ING equity market

3.00% funds according to the fund’s status
3.2. Buy-back of units
3.2.1.All funds except guaranteed fundsfree of charge
3.2.2. Guaranteed funds based on sales information
3.3. Transfer of fund units within one investment company
3.3.1. ISČS funds to a target fund with a higher sales fee difference between sales fees of the subject funds Switching to a target fund with a lower or an equal sales fee free of charge
3.3.2. Third party funds, including ESPA difference between the switched category entry fees
3.4. Securities Account (MUIN)
3.4.1.Opening, maintenance, and closingindividually priced
3.4.2.Sending of Transaction Summary  (in czech language) free of charge
3.4.3.Sending of Portfolio Statement or Banks Securities Registers Statement (in czech language) free of charge

*) With third-party funds, the maximum fee is subject to the prospectus of the particular fund.

**) Discounts are not cummulative, higher discount is applied

4.  Asset management

Fees are determined on an individual basis

5.  Securities custody, management and depositing, supplementary services

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
5.1. Deposit account (securities account)
5.1.1.Deposit account opening and maintenancefree of charge
5.1.2.For accepting securities into custody of securities from the register of Central Securities Depository (doesn’t directly relate to the settlement of a securities trading transaction)individually priced of securities from the register kept by Česká spořitelna (doesn’t directly relate to the settlement of a securities trading transaction)Individually priced
5.1.3. Transaction settlement

individually priced

5.1.4.Securities custody *) fee rangeindividually priced’s valueindividually priced
5.1.5.Securities account statementfree of charge
5.2. Deposition of securities (custody associated with management)
5.2.1. Securities account openning free of charge
5.2.2. Transaction/transfer settlement individually priced
5.2.3.Confirmation of transaction/transfer settlementfree of charge
5.2.4.Fee for securities deposition fee rangeindividually priced Fee’s value individually priced
5.2.5.Securities account statementfree of charge
5.3. Supplementary services
5.3.1. Arrangement of security yields

free of charge

5.3.2. Sending of informations on corporate actions

free of charge

5.3.3. Corporate action result processing

CZK 500 per action + VAT

5.3.4.Proxy votingIndividually priced + VAT
5.3.5.Tax reimbursement **)CZK 3,000 + VAT

according to individual agreement

*) The invoicing period is determined on an individual basis
**) Third-party fees connected wit tax reimbursement are also paid by the client

6.  Other capital market services

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
6.1. Procurement of the Statement of securities issue registered at the Central Securities Depository

individually priced

7.  Securities portfolio management

For selected clients the fees are determined on an individual basis

8.  Common and other items

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
8.1. Direct sale of Česká spořitelna, a.s. equity securities 0 up to 200
8.2. Replacement of specimen signature 10

Apart from the fees for services specified in the List of Charges, also other expenses (e.g. expenses of other banks and institutions) are charged. The fees are paid in cash during the provision of services or debited to the applicable account, however, such fees shall be settled not later than upon account closing and/or at the end of the year. Upon request, Česká spořitelna shall issue a receipt for fees paid in cash.

Additional fees charged for services provided by Česká spořitelna, a.s. are detailed in other parts of the List of Charges.

In exceptional cases, the bank may provide a discount from the specified fee.

If services that are subject to VAT are provided to persons registered for VAT in another Member State or to a foreign individual liable to taxation, the tax liability (place of performance) lies outside the country and the fee therefore is not subject to VAT.

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