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Corporate Clients - I. Account Maintenance

Please note that to print the List of Tariffs and Fees you must use its pdf version. This version is not optimized for printing, therefore it might result in an incomplete document depending on your specific browser and printer setup.

1. Current Accounts

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 13.05.2011 to 14.08.2014. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.
ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.1. CZK account set-up free of charge
1.2. Foreign currency account set-up free of charge
1.3. Monthly fee for account maintenance including account statements (depending on account statement frequency and means of delivery):
  picked up at the counter sent by mail sent by fax  mail/fax abroad  cumulated  PDF
daily 1 500 450  1 000  1 000  200  100 
weekly  800 300  800  800  100  75 
monthly  500 200  800  800  50  50 
quaterly  300 100  800  800 
yearly*  200 25  100  100 
* applies to all accounts that have negotiated maintenance with an annual statement until May 12, 2011, from 13 May 2011 the annual account statement is not included in the product offer.
ItemTextPrice (CZK)
1.4. Administration and maintenance of current account for newly established company, for Increase in registered capital of a company (trading company), for payment of company (trading company) capital contributions (cash lump sum payment when concluding the account contract) 400
1.5. Regular account statement issuance and delivery free of charge
1.6. Sending of account statements via SWIFT message MT940 1,500 monthly / account

2.  Deposit and Saving Accounts

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
2.1. Deposit / Saving account set-up and maintenance free of charge
2.2. Penalty fee for deposit / saving account withdrawal before maturity amount withdrawn*2.00%* days till maturity/360, min. 0.50% from the withdrawn amount

3.  Escrow Accounts

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
3.1. Escrow account set-up and maintenance individually priced

4.  TOP Business account

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
Module Standard - monthly fee
4.1 Account set-up free of charge
4.2 Switch to TOP Business account free of charge
4.3 Account maintenance ( depending on the size of domestic payment package)
4.3.1 Domestic payment package 200 950
4.3.2Domestic payment package 5001 950
4.3.3Domestic payment package 10003 200
Module Plus - monthly fee
4.4 Maintenance incl. cumulative account statement of another Current Account 30
4.5 Extension of domestic payment package by 100 individual
4.6 Business 24 – package of higher security for another person 70
4.7 Payment debit card
4.7.1 Visa Business (per each card holder) 30
4.7.2Visa Business Plus (per each card  holder)90
4.8 Standard account statements mailed within the country

   daily weekly   monthly quaterly
 sent by mail  405 270 170 70
 PDF 85 60 35 

5.  TOP BUSINESS Account *

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
5.1. Account set-up free of charge
5.2. Monthly fee for account maintenance (Depending on the extent of services provided in connection with):
5.2.1. TOP BUSINESS Account 30 580
5.2.2. TOP BUSINESS Account 60 850
5.2.3. TOP BUSINESS Account 125 1,250
* Product sale has been already terminated

6.  General Items

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
6.1. Duplicate of current account statements
6.1.1. statements from the last 12 months 75
6.1.2. statements older than 12 months 300
6.2. Notice to settle account balance, notice to amount due payment 150
6.3. Restrictions on current account funds disposal, at client’s request (e.g. account block, funds block) 500
6.4. Account changes, at client’s request (e.g. signature change, statement frequency change) 300
6.5. Telephonic account balance enquiries (monthly fee) 50
6.7. Deposit / account balance confirmation, at client’s request
If a non-financial service is provided 21% VAT is payable.
6.6. Infromation about payment transactions
6.6.1.private, microsfree of charge
6.6.2commercial clients, corporataions, municipalities30

7. Attorney escrow account

ItemTextPrice (CZK)
7.1. Account set up individually priced, min. 500
7.2. Account maintenance free of charge
The account maintenance fee is payable irrespective of the fact, that the account may be closed before termination of the defined frequency period.

If services, which are subject to VAT, are provided to persons registered for VAT in another member state or to foreigners liable to taxation, the tax liability (place of performance) lies outside the country and the fee therefore is not subject to VAT.

Note: This is a historical version of the List of Tariffs and Fees of ?eská spo?itelna valid from 13.05.2011 to 14.08.2014. Currently valid versions of the List are available at another part of our web.

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