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For whom the product is designed

  • Private clientele
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Freelance professions
  • Public sector
  • Non-profit sector

Product description

The deposit account is intended for depositing of temporarily free funds, which may be in CZK or foreign currency. Funds can be deposited as a single deposit or as regular savings, which qualify clients for interest bonuses (only with CZK accounts).


The deposit account enables
  • Additional deposits at any time during the deposit term either in cash or by credit transfers from another account held with Česká spořitelna or another bank
  • One withdrawal of up to 25% of the deposit amount on other than maturity date allowed at no charge
  • Deposits may be collected not only on the automatic revolving date, but also on the next day
  • An option allowing favourable interest rates with regular savings (applies only to accounts denominated in CZK)
  • Opening of a deposit account is not conditional upon existence of giro or current account
  • Deposits are insured under the law
  • Free of charge account opening and its maintenance
  • A choice of account currency
  • Various account maturity options – from 7 days to 4 years
  • Deposit accounts can be:
    • non-revolving
    • revolving in regular periods
  • Deposit accounts can be closed also on other than maturity date
  • The accountholder may authorize other persons to operate funds on the account

Product Terms and Conditions

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic or foreign nationals above 18 years of age
    • the accountholders/persons authorized to access the account must prove their identity  
  • Legal entities must prove
    • their legal personality
    • identity of persons authorised to act on their behalf
  • An initial deposit made at the account opening
    • by a credit transfer from another account
    • in cash

Basic functions of the Product

  • Non-cash or cash account opening
  • Non-cash or cash deposits and withdrawals

Who provides information

Interest rates

  • The interest rate is fixed for a specified amount and term
  • The interest rate on deposit accounts with automatic revolving is applied upon each revolving (the applied interest rate is always the rate as valid on the revolving day)
  • The interest rate on additional deposits is the rate as valid on the deposit day; it is always set for the next shortest term (additional deposits bear no interest if accepted less than 7 days before the deposit maturity)
  • Deposit accounts are balanced for accrued interest (credited to the account) and the tax (withheld):
    • up to and incl. 12 month maturity – always at the deposit maturity
    • above 12 month – always on December 31st and on deposit maturity
  • Clients can receive interest rate bonuses for regular savings added to the deposit account (applies only to accounts denominated in CZK) provided they meet the following prerequisites (see also the Notice of Interest Rates of Česká spořitelna):
    • their monthly savings (additional deposits) on deposit accounts with 6 month or longer maturity reached/exceeded CZK 500 during the specified term
    • if – before the balancing date - their additional deposits on deposit accounts with 2, 3 and 4 year maturity reached/exceeded CZK 6 thousand  
    • no withdrawals form the deposit account were made during the entire deposit term/balancing period (collecting of interest accrued for the preceding deposit term is not considered to be a withdrawal)

Further information

Minimum deposit and balance amount on the deposit account

Deposit accounts can be opened in CZK and in the following currencies:


Accounts can be opened for the following deposit term (product duration period):

  • In CZK: 7 and 14 days, 1 to 12 months, 2, 3 and 4 years
  • In foreign currency: 7 and 14 days, 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months, 2 years

Initial deposits by

  • credit transfers (transfer of funds from another account held with Česká spořitelna or another bank) shall be made within
    • D+9 days, where D is the Contract Date (1 month and longer term deposits)
    • D+3 days, where D is the Contract date (7 and 14 days term deposits)
  • cash deposits shall be made at the account opening

Bonuses on additional deposits

Clients can obtain bonuses on additional deposits made during the deposit term (balancing period) if the total sum of additional deposits for the specified term reaches/exceeds:

  • CZK 3 thousand - in case of 6 to 11 months term deposits in CZK (savings min. 6x CZK 500 during the term)
  • CZK 6 thousand - in case of 12 month term deposits in CZK (savings 12x CZK 500 during the term)
  • CZK 6 thousand - in case of 24, 36 and 48 month term deposits in CZK (6 thousand during each 12 months)
  • Deposit accounts with 2, 3 and 4 year maturity will receive bonuses on interest yield from additional deposits in case the additional deposits reached/exceeded CZK 6 thousand before the balancing date

The account holder is informed about the status of funds on the account by statements of account, which can be

  • sent by mail or
  • collected personally at the branch of Česká spořitelna

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