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BUSINESS 24 Internetbanking

Product description

  • Is a direct banking service enabling access to accounts from personal computer connected to the Internet
  • Enables execution of payment transactions and further operations on current accounts,savings accounts,deposit accounts and loan accounts
  • Enables 24:7 access to the accounts held by Česká spořitelna
  • Display of the list and detail of payment cards
  • Allows to perform active card operations
  • Is available on  www.business24.cz [new window] in Czech and English languages
  • Software requirements: a computer equipped with a Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser, version 10 and 11, browser Mozilla Firefox (last 3 versions), browser Google Chrome (last 3 versions)  or browser Safari 6 and up for operating system Mac OS X; the service cannot be guaranteed for other versions or types of browsers


  • Easy service activation without personal visit to the bank’s point of sale
  • Convenient management of funds at a favourable price
  • Control of accounts within one BUSINESS 24 contract
  • Availability from any place in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • User-friendly and fast access to information on accounts – up-to-date information about balances on your current, deposit and loan account, transparent information about all transactions on your accounts and information on the amount of your current loan exposure
  • Possibility of service personalization by Favourites set-up
  • You can use the BUSINESS 24 service to manage card accounts and payment cards
  • Possibility to perform active payment card operations
  • An option to set up joint-users and their user rights
  • Reliable and up-to-date service security - mandatory use of client certificate for authorisation of all financial and administrative transactions
  • Import of batch containing single payment and remittance orders for domestic payment system from several accounts of the client simultaneously
  • Import of the batch containing orders for international and cross-border payment systems
  • Export of data statement from current and savings account
  • Possibility to set up and administer standing orders
  • Downloading and sending different templates and documents to simplify and accelerate communication between you and Česká spořitelna
  • Easy execution of purchase or sale of foreign currency
  • Possibility to open and administer deposit account
  • Possibility of electronic exchange of receivables to be pledged
  • Possibility to set up documentary deals and bank guarantees
  • Direct link to accounting – import of payment and debit orders, export of statements in the ABO, extended ABO, CSV, XML and MT940 format from several accounts simultaneously for defined interval of accounting days
  • Reliable and ad modern security of service - mandatory use of Client Certificates for authorisation of all financial as well as administrative transactions
  • Professional support at telephone line 956 777 888 or at e-mail address business24@csas.cz

Further information

Comparison of the systems:



- On PC or client's net
- Electronic signature activation

- Without installation

Access to accounts

Multi-bank system

Only accounts held by Česká spořitelna

Access to payment cards - Display of the list and detail of payment cards


From any places in ČR or abroad
(from PC with installation)

From any places in ČR or abroad

Account statements

- Data
- international format SWIFT (MT940)

- Data

- international format SWIFT (MT940)
- Print report of data statement in the .pdf format


- Czech
- English
- German

- Czech
- English


- User password and number
- Electronic signature

- Client 10-digit number and password
- Chip card with client certificate
- Authentication SMS


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