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Pro jednoduchou správu osobních financí, rychlý a spolehlivý platební styk v tuzemsku i v zahraničí

For whom the product is designed

  • entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • public sector
  • non-profit sector
  • freelance professions
  • private clientele

Product description

A foreign currency current account is linked to a wide range of related products. Clients can have several current accounts opened for different or same foreign currency.

A foreign currency current account can be opened in any currency specified in the official List of Exchange Rates of Česká spořitelna (EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, CAD, DKK, JPY, SEK).


  • Simple and effective management of funds held in foreign currencies, i.e. EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, CAD, DKK, JPY, SEK.
  • Authorisation of other persons for access to funds held on the account
  • Processing of cash and non-cash payments in any chosen currency listed in the official List of Exchange Rates of Česká spořitelna and in CZK
  • Credit transfers in form of
    • Single payment orders
    • Standing orders
  • Modern way of control of money held on the account:
    • use of personal computer for control of funds on the account
    • easy access to cash at extensive branch network of Česká spořitelna
    • option for cash-free opening of a deposit account
  • Additional accounts can be opened for each client´s current account (prefix accounts, sub-accounts); such opening is conditional upon existence of main current account
  • Funds held on current accounts are insured under the law.

Product Terms and Conditions

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic or foreign nationals aged 18 or over
    • must prove their identity and identity of other persons authorised to access the account
  • Legal entities must prove
    • their legal personality
    • identity of persons authorised to act on their behalf
  • Written contract between the accountholder and Česká spořitelna
  • Specimen signatures of the accountholder and persons authorised to access the account
  • An initial deposit made at the account opening

Basic functions of the Product

  • Standing orders or direct debits for periodical non-cash payments from the account
  • Domestic and foreign non-cash payments made by single payment orders and other payment instruments
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • The account balance blocking at the client's request

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